Recent projects

July 2019: total solar eclipse

I’ll be travelling to South America with to broadcast live coverage of the total solar eclipse across Chile and Argentina on 2 July.

Image: Juan Carlos Casado

January 2019: total lunar eclipse

We were working with some brilliant teams around the world for our live coverage of the 20-21 January total lunar eclipse on

January 2019 – June 2020: partial solar eclipses in Japan

July 2018: total lunar eclipse put together an amazing global team to cover the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

January 2018: total lunar eclipse

We provided live coverage of the January 31st eclipse on from Australia, the USA and Japan.

August 2017: total solar eclipse in the USA

We broadcast the August 21st 2017 Great American Eclipse – a total eclipse that crossed the USA from Oregon to South Carolina – live on One of the highlights was the screams of schoolchildren when the football stadium at Western Kentucky University went dark…

As part of the buildup to the eclipse, we ran a creative-writing competition in partnership with the North Platte Bulletin and A to Z Books in Nebraska.

Image: Neil Pitts

February 2017: annular solar eclipse in Angola

On February 26th 2017 an annular solar eclipse swept across southern South America and central Africa; we organised a series of educational events in Angola. Below is a live broadcast we did with Slooh from the city of Huambo.

Our lead sponsor for this project was; our eclipse glasses sponsor was NCR Angola. We also received support from the Angolan Ministry of Higher Education, and the Provincial Government of Huambo.

March 2016: total solar eclipse in Indonesia

We were at Tadulako University, on the island of Sulawesi, for the March 9th 2016 total solar eclipse across Indonesia. We organised a cross-border collaboration with students at Western Kentucky University in the US for an experiment to study the solar corona. This project was generously sponsored by the airline Garuda Indonesia.


2016: Madagascar-Japan collaboration

We set up a cross-border collaboration between students at the University of Mahajanga in Madagascar (who experienced an annular eclipse in September 2016), and Kobe Shinwa Women’s University in Japan (who had a cloudy partial eclipse in March 2016).


SkypeRead is a cross-border teambuilding activity that has been generously supported by Start Motion Pictures, the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series and Wes Anderson. Students from different countries meet online and do a read-through of a movie script.