Cross-border business teams and the entertainment arena

The following article is from Business Review Europe (January 28, 2014). SkypeRead can facilitate team building across thousands of miles by getting groups of international colleagues together for read-throughs of movie scripts More and more companies are abandoning traditional organisational structures and creating cross-border teams of people who live and work thousands of miles apart.Continue reading “Cross-border business teams and the entertainment arena”

To infinity and beyond!

I’m going to be presenting a paper on movie read-throughs, neuroELT and cross-border teams at the 6th International Symposium on Digital Technologies in Foreign Language Learning. The symposium will be held at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto on 29th March 2014. The keynote speaker will be James Paul Gee, the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor ofContinue reading “To infinity and beyond!”

Is doing a movie read-through good for students’ English?

I’m going to be doing the following presentation at the Kansai ELT Expo on 17th November at Konan University CUBE. “Is doing a movie read-through good for students’ English? Preliminary results from the SkypeRead pilot programme.” The SkypeRead pilot programme brought students from across the world together in Skype group calls to read through movieContinue reading “Is doing a movie read-through good for students’ English?”

Two reasons why doing a movie read-through is good for your English

“SkypeRead brings English-language students – from all over the world – together in a Skype group call to do a read-through of a movie. “It’s fun, it’s a challenge, and it’s very good for your English. “Why is it good for your English? Well, I’m going to explain that with the help of this: HikoneContinue reading “Two reasons why doing a movie read-through is good for your English”