Creating new connections across Asia

Image: IMDb, Fantastic Mr. Fox Last year we launched a total eclipse collaboration between students at Tadulako University (Indonesia) and Western Kentucky University (USA); we also set up an annular and partial eclipse collaboration involving Kobe Shinwa Women’s University (Japan) and the University of Mahajanga (Madagascar). Both these projects included remote teambuilding activities where weContinue reading “Creating new connections across Asia”

Got it.

How do you know if you’re watching a Wes Anderson movie? And what is our whack-bat challenge? We’ve just had an end-of-semester* “Fantastic Mr. Fox” movie night at the University of Shiga Prefecture, which included a brief introduction to the world of Wes Anderson movies: perfectly centred shots, overhead shots, use of colour, Bill Murray,Continue reading “Got it.”

What will happen to our body in space? And other great questions at 6am…

Our second collaboration between Alma College (in the US) and Omi Brotherhood High School (in Japan) came to an end last week with some thought-provoking presentations. We met on Skype – at 6am here in Japan, which was 5pm the previous day in Alma – for an intensive 90 minutes of cross-border discussion. The JapaneseContinue reading “What will happen to our body in space? And other great questions at 6am…”

Across 6,500 miles and 13 time zones – part 2

We’ve just begun our second collaboration between Alma College in Michigan, USA, and Omi Brotherhood High School (OBHS) near Kyoto, Japan. Our 2016 programme involves 24 students, who have been drawn from: Alma’s e-STEM Cooperative Research Experience (CORE), a five-week science summer camp for high-school students OBHS science department OBHS language department. Our picture showsContinue reading “Across 6,500 miles and 13 time zones – part 2”

Building a sense of community in a digital society

ICoME 2016 – the International Conference for Media in Education – will take place in Kyoto, Japan, on August 18th, 19th and 20th. The theme of the conference is “Building relationships and a sense of community in a digital society”. I’m going to be presenting a paper with Keisuke Tabata from Kobe Shinwa Women’s UniversityContinue reading “Building a sense of community in a digital society”

“We have to get out of this”

A ginormous ‘thank you’ to two BRILLIANT English teachers who became two AMAZING test pilots! Monica Sampaio de Lacerda from Brazil and Wynn Nguyen from Vietnam bravely agreed to take part in our first ever “SkypeRead” read-through of the 8-minute sci-fi movie “Exit Log”. The results of our ‘test flight’ were spectacular… Monica and WynnContinue reading ““We have to get out of this””

“Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes”

Martin Stack (my co-conspirator at the University of Shiga Prefecture),¬†Shiho Matsumi (one of our brilliant students) and I will be presenting “Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes” at the national convention of the Association for Teaching English through Movies (Kyoto Women’s University, 7th August 2015). The keynote presentation at the convention will be “Bi-language SimultaneousContinue reading ““Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes””

From the chemistry of rocket fuel to the ethics of space exploration

Our exciting collaboration¬†with Alma College (in Michigan, USA) and Omi Brotherhood High School (in Shiga, Japan) came to a wonderful finish today, with our four groups of students making their final presentations. The project kicked off three weeks ago with a cross-border read-through of “Europa Report”. Since then, each group has been working on formulatingContinue reading “From the chemistry of rocket fuel to the ethics of space exploration”

“Wow, we made it!”

Congratulations to the incredible students at Omi Brotherhood High School in Shiga, Japan, and the Co-Operative Research Experience summer camp currently taking place at Alma College in Michigan, USA. At 6 o’clock Friday morning in Shiga / 5 o’clock Thursday afternoon in Alma, four US-Japanese groups of students came together over Skype and read theContinue reading ““Wow, we made it!””