On awareness and understanding of different cultures

Image: Takobou/Wikimedia Commons The dynamic Keisuke Tabata, of Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, will be talking about our recent Japan-Indonesia-China-Vietnam project at the annual convention of the Japan Association for Educational Media Study in November. The convention is being held at Kagoshima University on the island of Kyushu. Our project involved an online movie read-through withContinue reading “On awareness and understanding of different cultures”

Copernicus: Language Comes Through Culture

Thank you to the magnificent Eriky Haritsarartiaray and Keisuke Tabata for their help with my latest Copernicus column for EFL Magazine. And thank you to the rest of the brilliant team at the University of Mahajanga and Kobe Shinwa Women’s University for making our Madagascar-Japan collaboration happen! http://eflmagazine.com/copernicus-language-comes-culture/

Our first Global Communication and Science workshop

A HUGE thank you to Keisuke Tabata and his BRILLIANT students at Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, who took part in our first Global Communication and Science workshop on solar eclipses (below). (Just for info, that’s not a green tablecloth – it’s about to become spacetime. Also, that’s not a mandarin orange – it’s a celestialContinue reading “Our first Global Communication and Science workshop”

“We have to get out of this”

A ginormous ‘thank you’ to two BRILLIANT English teachers who became two AMAZING test pilots! Monica Sampaio de Lacerda from Brazil and Wynn Nguyen from Vietnam bravely agreed to take part in our first ever “SkypeRead” read-through of the 8-minute sci-fi movie “Exit Log”. The results of our ‘test flight’ were spectacular… Monica and WynnContinue reading ““We have to get out of this””

From the chemistry of rocket fuel to the ethics of space exploration

Our exciting collaboration¬†with Alma College (in Michigan, USA) and Omi Brotherhood High School (in Shiga, Japan) came to a wonderful finish today, with our four groups of students making their final presentations. The project kicked off three weeks ago with a cross-border read-through of “Europa Report”. Since then, each group has been working on formulatingContinue reading “From the chemistry of rocket fuel to the ethics of space exploration”

“Wow, we made it!”

Congratulations to the incredible students at Omi Brotherhood High School in Shiga, Japan, and the Co-Operative Research Experience summer camp currently taking place at Alma College in Michigan, USA. At 6 o’clock Friday morning in Shiga / 5 o’clock Thursday afternoon in Alma, four US-Japanese groups of students came together over Skype and read theContinue reading ““Wow, we made it!””

Helping STEM students thrive in a multipolar world

The latest issue of “Education in Science” features a one-page article about our latest SkypeRead project – an exciting collaboration between Alma College in Michigan, USA, and Omi Brotherhood High School in Shiga, Japan. Download PDF Helping STEM students thrive in a multipolar world A project called SkypeRead is taking an unusual approach to improvingContinue reading “Helping STEM students thrive in a multipolar world”

“Developing Language and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills via Movie Read-Throughs and MMORPGs”

“Our principal goals in this project were to (a) inspire students to have fun with English, (b) enable students to communicate and connect with people from other cultures, and (c) improve students’ English abilities and develop a range of other ’21st-century skills’ (skills that are generally regarded as being important in the information age).” ATEMContinue reading ““Developing Language and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills via Movie Read-Throughs and MMORPGs””