BRAIN-CALL collaboration

Is this the way forward in an increasingly multidisciplinary world…? I took part in an eye-opening BRAIN-CALL joint forum at the JALT PanSIG Conference in Kobe last weekend. JALT stands for Japan Association for Language Teaching; SIG stands for Special Interest Group. BRAIN is the Mind, Brain, and Education SIG – it’s ‘the new kidContinue reading “BRAIN-CALL collaboration”

Narratives: Raising the Happiness Quotient

The PanSIG 2015 Conference of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) will be taking place next weekend (May 16-17) at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. (SIG stands for Special Interest Group – there are 27 SIGs in JALT, based on various academic, research and pedagogical interests.) Working alongside with Tom Gorham, who runsContinue reading “Narratives: Raising the Happiness Quotient”