Solar eclipse workshops

This is an “under-two-minute version” of a presentation at ATEM Nishi-Nihon (Osaka Institute of Technology, Umekita Knowledge Center) about my Global Communication and Science workshops. This year’s conference highlights included Chitoshi Motoyama (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) on Walt Disney, America and hyperrealism; Aya Luckel-Semoto (Kyoto University) on what “Finding Nemo” and “Pierrot Le PoissonContinue reading “Solar eclipse workshops”

An academic pow-wow, a pedagogical rendezvous…

“Er, guys, I think I’ve just deleted all our slides…” From right to left: Martin Stack, Shiho Matsumi and me at the 2015 ATEM National Convention. Professor Makoto “Max” Kurata, the ebullient president of the Association for Teaching English through Movies (ATEM), called it both an “academic pow-wow” and a “pedagogical rendezvous”… My University ofContinue reading “An academic pow-wow, a pedagogical rendezvous…”

“Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes”

Martin Stack (my co-conspirator at the University of Shiga Prefecture),¬†Shiho Matsumi (one of our brilliant students) and I will be presenting “Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes” at the national convention of the Association for Teaching English through Movies (Kyoto Women’s University, 7th August 2015). The keynote presentation at the convention will be “Bi-language SimultaneousContinue reading ““Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes””