“A need to know and increased motivation to learn”

“For cranking motivation levels up to eleven, nothing says ‘teachable moment’ like a solar eclipse…” Sky & Telescope magazine has an article about our science outreach project in Angola :) http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/stargazers-corner/a-teachable-moment-when-the-moons-shadow-came-to-angola/

A perfect week in Angola. Except one thing…

Obrigado Huambo! Our Global Communication and Science project to mark the February 26th annular eclipse in the city of Huambo was a huge success – despite the fact that, just before the eclipse started, a thunderstorm descended upon the central highlands of Angola and blocked our view of events in the sky… When the moon’sContinue reading “A perfect week in Angola. Except one thing…”

Africa gets ready for another sun and moon show

Mail & Guardian Africa has published a piece about next weekend’s African eclipse, and our Angolan “Global Communication and Science” project. Africa gets ready for another sun and moon show Graham Jones | Mail & Guardian Africa | 17 February 2017 Six months after Africa played host to a spectacular eclipse of the sun, itContinue reading “Africa gets ready for another sun and moon show”

Classroom activity for Angolan schools

Solar eclipses are teachable moments! We’ve created a 45-minute classroom activity for school teachers in Angola, which can be downloaded below as a PDF in English or Portuguese. It’s part of our Global Communication and Science project to mark the Angolan solar eclipse on February 26th: we’re running a public workshop/seminar at the Instituto SuperiorContinue reading “Classroom activity for Angolan schools”

NCR Angola supports solar eclipse project

We are tremendously grateful to NCR Angola, the leader in Angola’s information-technology sector, who are sponsoring solar eclipse glasses to give away to members of the community in Huambo later this month. On February 26th the city of Huambo, in Angola’s central highlands, will experience an annular solar eclipse, where the sun forms a ‘ringContinue reading “NCR Angola supports solar eclipse project”

timeanddate.com to sponsor Angolan eclipse project

Our next Global Communication and Science project will be taking place in Angola. We’ll be in Huambo, Angola’s second city, where there will be an annular solar eclipse on February 26th 2017. Above: the path of annularity across Angola on February 26th. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is too far away toContinue reading “timeanddate.com to sponsor Angolan eclipse project”