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How to help people in Palu, Indonesia

In March 2016 the city of Palu gave an incredible welcome to people from across the world for the Indonesian total solar eclipse. Following last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Palu, The New York Times has published some guidance on how to help those affected.

On awareness and understanding of different cultures

Image: Takobou/Wikimedia Commons

The dynamic Keisuke Tabata, of Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, will be talking about our recent Japan-Indonesia-China-Vietnam project at the annual convention of the Japan Association for Educational Media Study in November. The convention is being held at Kagoshima University on the island of Kyushu.

Our project involved an online movie read-through with university and high-school students. It also featured a workshop on cultural differences, including a discussion of the Lewis Model of communication.

Image: Richard Lewis/CrossCulture

A paper will also be published in the Bulletin of the International Education Research Center at Kobe Shinwa Women’s University. Thank you to Keisuke Tabata and his wonderful students, Ritsuko Anzai (formerly at Amagasaki Kita High School), and the fabulous team at Tadulako University in Palu, Indonesia.

A brief history of cross-border scientific teamwork

This is a 3-minute version of a 1-hour presentation I did at the Association for Science Education Annual Conference earlier this month (University of Reading, UK).

The brilliant Galileo was the father of modern science. But he wasn’t exactly the father of cross-border scientific teamwork. He refused to lend a telescope to Johannes Kepler, the Imperial Mathematician in Prague – even though Kepler was, at the time, almost the only person to support Galileo over his claims to have observed four moons orbiting Jupiter.

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英国, 2013年, Graham Jones

ELT Kansai Expo2013における、SkypeRead予備結果の発表が終わりました。
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Is doing a read-through of a movie good for non-native English-speakers?

This is a 5-minute version of a 45-minute presentation I gave at the 2013 Kansai ELT Expo (Konan University CUBE, 17th November 2013).