The one thing your students have to believe

One of the key takeaway messages at last year’s FAB8 neuroELT conference came from the brilliant Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa: “Students have to believe that YOU believe that they can do it.”   Last month Simon Burgess, a professor of economics at Bristol University, published a paper on the dramatic effect that Michelle Obama had on pupils’Continue reading “The one thing your students have to believe”

Building a sense of community in a digital society

ICoME 2016 – the International Conference for Media in Education – will take place in Kyoto, Japan, on August 18th, 19th and 20th. The theme of the conference is “Building relationships and a sense of community in a digital society”. I’m going to be presenting a paper with Keisuke Tabata from Kobe Shinwa Women’s UniversityContinue reading “Building a sense of community in a digital society”

“Solar eclipses as an opportunity for public engagement with science”

Thank you to Tadulako University (UNTAD) for inviting me to speak at an international seminar on March 8th to mark the 2016 Indonesian total solar eclipse. The title of my presentation will be “Solar eclipses as an opportunity for public engagement with science”. The keynote speaker is Richard Gelderman from Western Kentucky University (WKU) inContinue reading ““Solar eclipses as an opportunity for public engagement with science””

Our first Global Communication and Science workshop

A HUGE thank you to Keisuke Tabata and his BRILLIANT students at Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, who took part in our first Global Communication and Science workshop on solar eclipses (below). (Just for info, that’s not a green tablecloth – it’s about to become spacetime. Also, that’s not a mandarin orange – it’s a celestialContinue reading “Our first Global Communication and Science workshop”

Solar eclipse workshops

This is an “under-two-minute version” of a presentation at ATEM Nishi-Nihon (Osaka Institute of Technology, Umekita Knowledge Center) about my Global Communication and Science workshops. This year’s conference highlights included Chitoshi Motoyama (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) on Walt Disney, America and hyperrealism; Aya Luckel-Semoto (Kyoto University) on what “Finding Nemo” and “Pierrot Le PoissonContinue reading “Solar eclipse workshops”

Language and science workshops

“A solar eclipse. The cosmic ballet goes on.” Leonard Nimoy (The Simpsons: Season 4, Episode 12) At two forthcoming presentations I’ll be talking about a series of Global Communication and Science workshops I’m running next year with Tadulako University and Garuda Indonesia. Image: Romeo Durscher The workshops, which are being held to mark the solarContinue reading “Language and science workshops”

Student Voices

The neuroELT movement is growing! This year has seen the formation of the JALT BRAIN SIG, the first neuroELT-based MA dissertations (by Rick Eller and Takashi Uemura), and two amazing FAB conferences in the Philippines. Meanwhile, FAB8 – a two-and-a-half day conference at Kyoto Sangyo University that finished yesterday – featured speakers from 12 countries,Continue reading “Student Voices”

An academic pow-wow, a pedagogical rendezvous…

“Er, guys, I think I’ve just deleted all our slides…” From right to left: Martin Stack, Shiho Matsumi and me at the 2015 ATEM National Convention. Professor Makoto “Max” Kurata, the ebullient president of the Association for Teaching English through Movies (ATEM), called it both an “academic pow-wow” and a “pedagogical rendezvous”… My University ofContinue reading “An academic pow-wow, a pedagogical rendezvous…”

“Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes”

Martin Stack (my co-conspirator at the University of Shiga Prefecture),¬†Shiho Matsumi (one of our brilliant students) and I will be presenting “Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes” at the national convention of the Association for Teaching English through Movies (Kyoto Women’s University, 7th August 2015). The keynote presentation at the convention will be “Bi-language SimultaneousContinue reading ““Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other heroes””

BRAIN-CALL collaboration

Is this the way forward in an increasingly multidisciplinary world…? I took part in an eye-opening BRAIN-CALL joint forum at the JALT PanSIG Conference in Kobe last weekend. JALT stands for Japan Association for Language Teaching; SIG stands for Special Interest Group. BRAIN is the Mind, Brain, and Education SIG – it’s ‘the new kidContinue reading “BRAIN-CALL collaboration”