The Great American Eclipse on

It has been a tremendous privilege to work with the incredible team at on a five-and-a-half hour live broadcast of the Great American Eclipse. One of the highlights was the screams of schoolchildren when darkness fell upon Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green: There are more of our Great American Eclipse interviews and videosContinue reading “The Great American Eclipse on”

A perfect week in Angola. Except one thing…

Obrigado Huambo! Our Global Communication and Science project to mark the February 26th annular eclipse in the city of Huambo was a huge success – despite the fact that, just before the eclipse started, a thunderstorm descended upon the central highlands of Angola and blocked our view of events in the sky… When the moon’sContinue reading “A perfect week in Angola. Except one thing…”

Images from nature: the crescent sun

Great picture from Eriky Haritsaratiaray taken during the partial phase of this month’s annular solar eclipse across central and eastern Africa. The leaves on a tree are forming natural ‘pinhole projectors’ and producing images of the crescent sun on the ground… Eriky is a student at the University of Mahajanga in Madagascar, and he’s doneContinue reading “Images from nature: the crescent sun”