Across 6,500 miles and 13 time zones – part 2

We’ve just begun our second collaboration between Alma College in Michigan, USA, and Omi Brotherhood High School (OBHS) near Kyoto, Japan. Our 2016 programme involves 24 students, who have been drawn from: Alma’s e-STEM Cooperative Research Experience (CORE), a five-week science summer camp for high-school students OBHS science department OBHS language department. Our picture showsContinue reading “Across 6,500 miles and 13 time zones – part 2”

Thank you, Tadulako University!

Some video and photo highlights from this week’s highly successful solar eclipse project involving Tadulako University in Palu, Indonesia, and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, USA. Link: an article in EarthSky about our Indonesia project Thank you to Tadulako University for being the most incredibly wonderful and amazing hosts! And thank you to GarudaContinue reading “Thank you, Tadulako University!”

Eddie Jemison on the “chemistry and mystery” of teamwork

Later this month I’ll be presenting “To infinity and beyond! Using Skype group calls to do cross-border read-throughs of movies” at the 6th International Symposium on Digital Technologies in Foreign Language Learning (March 29, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto). As part of my preparation, I talked to actor Eddie Jemison, best known for his role as high-techContinue reading “Eddie Jemison on the “chemistry and mystery” of teamwork”