Got it.


How do you know if you’re watching a Wes Anderson movie? And what is our whack-bat challenge?

We’ve just had an end-of-semester* “Fantastic Mr. Fox” movie night at the University of Shiga Prefecture, which included a brief introduction to the world of Wes Anderson movies: perfectly centred shots, overhead shots, use of colour, Bill Murray, etc.

Also: fast, complicated monologues – which is the basis of our whack-bat challenge… With the (optional) help of a glass of beer (or two), students (and teachers) read Coach Skip’s high-speed explanation of the rules of whack-bat on page 28 of the script.


As always, we’re hugely and enormously grateful to Wes Anderson for giving us the script of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” to use as part of our SkypeRead project.

* Actually, it wasn’t really an end-of-semester movie night – it was more of a ‘welcome back’ to Martin Stack, our former colleague (and my SkypeRead collaborator) who’s now based in the US, but is currently back in Japan for a few weeks :-)

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