What will happen to our body in space? And other great questions at 6am…


Our second collaboration between Alma College (in the US) and Omi Brotherhood High School (in Japan) came to an end last week with some thought-provoking presentations.

We met on Skype – at 6am here in Japan, which was 5pm the previous day in Alma – for an intensive 90 minutes of cross-border discussion.

The Japanese students presented a series of questions related to the movie “Europa Report” (which we used for a ‘SkypeRead’ teambuilding exercise at the beginning of the programme). Our picture shows some of the slides from Group C’s presentation: “What will happen to our body in space?”

The American students talked about their work for Alma’s e-STEM Cooperative Research Experience (CORE), a one-month academic camp for high-school students and teachers; the students shared the results of their high-level studies on everything from flavonoids in strawberry preserves to influenza.

A very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who made this collaboration possible!

Published by Graham Jones

Astrophysicist and science communicator