Thank you, Tadulako University!

Some video and photo highlights from this week’s highly successful solar eclipse project involving Tadulako University in Palu, Indonesia, and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, USA.

Thank you to Tadulako University for being the most incredibly wonderful and amazing hosts! And thank you to Garuda Indonesia for sponsoring my trip to Indonesia.

48 hours to go: a 2-minute video from the excellent folks at (This is in Spanish, but it includes interviews in English with Professor Richard Gelderman and me.)

International-seminar24 hours to go: Tadulako University put together a brilliant international seminar and workshop, which included a presentation from the chairman of LAPAN, the Indonesian space agency.

2 hours to go: setting up the CATE telescope in Kota Pulu, near Palu.

1 hour to go: getting data from the weather station…

… and infrared thermometer…

… and doing cloud observations for NASA’s GLOBE project.

The greatest team ever!

The following photos are from our brilliant friends at

Partial eclipse phase.

The solar corona.

Totality in Kota Pulu.

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