Education v. Training


Last week the Association for Science Education (ASE) responded to the UK government’s call for evidence concerning Initial Teacher Training in England. Their response began like this:

“Our members feel passionately that courses for beginning teachers should be referred to as Initial Teacher Education (ITE) rather than Initial Teacher Training (ITT). Put simplistically, this focuses round the need for beginning teachers to understand that their initial training is the beginning of their professional learning which continues throughout their careers. This begins with introducing and engaging beginning teachers in the theories underpinning ideas about children’s learning, and the pedagogical strategies that are considered effective (the ‘education’ bit), and to develop their application of these theories and strategies through teaching practice supported by experienced teachers (the ‘training’ bit).”

ASE blue logo left w strapline
Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the ASE Annual Conference, 7-10 January at the University of Reading. I’m going to be presenting the results of our SkypeRead:Europa project in a session called “Collaborate! Communicate! Improving cross-border communication and teamworking within STEM” (see previous post). The first group of brave and adventurous participants to take part in this study will be blasting off for Europa later this month…

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