Is doing a movie read-through good for students’ English?

I’m going to be doing the following presentation at the Kansai ELT Expo on 17th November at Konan University CUBE.

“Is doing a movie read-through good for students’ English? Preliminary results from the SkypeRead pilot programme.”

The SkypeRead pilot programme brought students from across the world together in Skype group calls to read through movie scripts. The project used a number of ideas from the emerging field of neuroELT, in particular ideas related to emotion, bottom-up learning and risk-taking.

Graham Jones is an astrophysicist turned English-language coach. He has taught English in Argentina, the Congo, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

There are still one or two spaces left on the pilot programme! We’re doing read-throughs of “Toy Story” and “Ocean’s Eleven”. If you (or any students you know) might be interested, our schedule – and a short registration form – is right here.

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