Australian PM tries to soften image with two words

オーストラリア, 2013年, ケビン·ラッド

Three years ago Kevin Rudd, the prime minister of Australia, was forced from office after he lost a party leadership election to Julia Gillard, his deputy.

Last week he returned to office after he beat Ms Gillard in another leadership election (the fourth in three years).

Not everyone likes Mr Rudd’s style. For instance, he’s been called a “phenomenal egotist” — and that was by a former leader of his own party.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday afternoon, a relaxed Mr Rudd tried to present a softer image by telling journalists to “just chill”.

> > > > > > > > > >

The cabinet, as I said, will be sworn in next Monday.

Those of you good ladies and gentlemen of the press which expect an avalanche of policy decision between now and next Monday: just chill for a while.

In fact, chill for quite a bit.

> > > > > > > > > >


Mr Rudd probably meant to say “Those of you … who expect …” (ie, not which).

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3 responses to “Australian PM tries to soften image with two words

  1. Australia has a serious shortage of quality politicians, both left and right !!

    And it’s such a shame Julia Gillard was cut down, not because of her performance, but because of the performance of others in spreading and promoting hatred.

    A shame, not because of her losing the job, but because of what hatred has done to Australian politics in general.

    For 2 years or more, most Oz media and the rabid Shock Jocks drenched the populous with brainwashing bile, marinating their heads with poisonous spin, whipping them into a frenzy, mouths dripping with venom and their heads full of hatred until they were so psyched up they actually believed the disgusting things being said.

    Hundreds of years ago, the Witchdoctor did something similar in whipping the young mindless warriors into a frenzy around the campfire before sending them off to attack a nearby tribe. They believed the Whitchdoctor.

    It worked then and it’s working today. But Julia didn’t deserve it. We are better than that, or should be.

    She has taken this hatred with her now, so the Witchdoctors will work fevorishly to “create” a similar intense hatred of Rudd.

    They really do intensify the meaning of that great Australian adjective, “Bastards”.

    This is one of my cartoons on it (others there as well)……………………..



  2. Yes, sadly I think you’re right.

    But this is unfortunate, as even the faint-hearted have brilliant thinkers and decision makers within their ranks.

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