Four reasons why the prime minister of Singapore is good at delivering bad news

シンガポール, 2013年, リー·シェンロン

Singapore is currently covered by a thick haze coming from forest fires in Indonesia.

Yesterday Lee Hsien Loong, the Singaporean prime minister, announced that the haze could last for several weeks or longer.

His announcement contains four good lessons on how to deliver bad news: be serious, be calm, be direct, and be full of details.

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Good afternoon everybody. We are here because of the haze. We are all affected by it, and today I’d just like to share how we will address the problem, and also to explain to Singaporeans how we each of us can protect ourselves and our families.

Haze is not a new problem for us in Singapore or for Malaysia, our neighbours. This afternoon the 3-hour number for PSI reached 371 — it’s come down a little bit since then — which is a new high. If we look at the 24-hour number, the last reading at 2pm was in the range 175 to 207, which is in the ‘unhealthy’ to the ‘very unhealthy’ range. And our health advisories are based on the 24-hour PSIs.

So over the next few days, according to our met [weather] people, the wind and weather conditions are likely to stay about the same as they are today. And so we expect the haze to persist for some time.

You can read the full text of the speech here

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PSI is a reference to the Pollutant Standards Index.

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