Speech of the year 2012

英国, 2012年, エド·ミリバンド

The “one nation” speech given by Ed Miliband, the UK opposition leader, to the Labour Party conference at the beginning of October was a “game changer”.

Polling firms found that the speech had a significant impact on Miliband’s personal ratings. One commentator called it “one of the cleverest and most significant party conference speeches in recent years.”

The 64-minute speech was delivered entirely without notes. At 23:27 he looks directly into the camera and ‘reaches out’ to people who voted for the Conservative leader David Cameron at the 2010 general election.

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I want to talk very directly to those who voted for David Cameron at the last general election. I understand why you voted for him. I understand why you turned away from the last Labour government – this government took power in difficult economic times. It was a country still coming to terms with the financial crisis – a financial crisis that has afflicted every country round the world. I understand why you were willing to give David Cameron the benefit of the doubt.

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