That camera is not broken

英国, 2011年, ボリス·ジョンソン

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is an “unconventional” politician.

Many people, however, think he might become the next leader of the Conservative Party.

The following video – an interview last year with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC’s Newsnight programme – gives a flavour of Boris’s unconventional style.

At 2:00 he argues against using the word “broken” to describe Britain after the 2011 riots.

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To say that something is broken – if you say that – if you say that that camera is broken then it wouldn’t function at all, er, would it?

Well it could be broken and still function, obviously.

No, if it was bro – if-if you said – in-in-in-in common parlance, Jeremy, if you said that camera was broken then it wouldn’t function. If you said I’ve got a broken camera but it’s still working people would-people wouldn’t understand what you were saying. That camera is not broken. There may be parts of it that could do with a – and-and in fact I can see, when I look I can see that there are-there are parts of the underside of that camera that are-are-are-are a bit scuffed, er, and-and-and-

So bits of Britain are scuffed, that’s what you’re saying.

That’s – things are always in need of attention, there are problems that are always in need of addressing and clearly there are very serious issues in our society that need tackling.

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1) ‘In common parlance’ means in the words that most people use.

2) ‘Scuffed’ means marked or scratched. (Shoes often become scuffed.)

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