米国, 2012年, ミット·ロムニー

This week Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, announced that Paul Ryan, a congressman, would be his vice-presidential running mate.

The BBC’s North America editor, Mark Mardell, observed that Ryan had “energised” Romney:

“I have followed Mitt Romney around the primary trail, as well as on his less-than-well-received foreign tour. He’s often competent, rarely inspired and always rather stiff.

“But in this speech he seemed limber and loose, responding to the mood of the crowd and even rather enjoying himself. For once his performance was fierce and believable.”

Here is the speech. In the section at 1:08 note the way that Romney stresses the words big, forward, promise, leader, leadership, character and vision.

> > > > > > > > > >

You know, today was a, er, was a big day for me. Sure was a big day for Paul and for his family, and I think it’s a big day for America. We took a step forward in restoring the promise of America, because I’ve selected a person who is a leader.

As we look for people to help guide our country, as I look for people to work with me if I get that chance, I want someone who is a leader. And leadership begins with character. Character and vision.

> > > > > > > > > >


The speech took place in Ashland, a town in the middle (more or less) of Virginia. At the beginning of his speech, Romney refers to the town’s nickname: ‘The Center of the Universe’.

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