The idea

米国, 2011年, マリッサ·メイヤー

Marissa Mayer has been in the news this week. The former Google executive (she was the 20th person to join the company) has become the new boss of Yahoo!

The following video shows Mayer speaking last year at TiEcon, a big conference for entrepreneurs, about the three S’s: starting, scaling and structuring a business. (scaling = growing quickly)

She has a fast, ‘stream of consciousness’ style of speaking (a continuous flow of thoughts), for example at 0:48, where she talks about ‘the idea’.

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… and of course this all starts with the idea. And the idea – the biggest thing we can say about the idea – is to work on problems that matter. Everyday problems. Things that people use every day. That’s why I have the toothbrush and the toothpaste here. Because there are things that you want to – the nice thing about an everyday problem is it gives you the opportunity to have a really big positive impact on your users’ lives. It also means that because they’re using it every day you get all kinds of usage and you get all kinds of feedback and it helps you make your products that much better that much faster.

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