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SkypeRead-EuropaImage: NASA/JPL/Ted Stryk

SkypeRead:Europa is a study on cross-border communication and teamwork within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

With the support of Start Motion Pictures, the study is bringing scientists and engineers from different countries together in Skype group calls to do read-throughs of the movie “Europa Report”.

The aims of the project are to improve (a) non-native English-speakers’ communication skills, and (b) cross-border teamwork.

The results of the study will be presented at the Association for Science Education Annual Conference (University of Reading, UK, 7-10 January 2015).


  • “Language, emotion and social connection”
    A pecha-kucha presentation (20 slides x 20 seconds per slide) about this project from the 5th International NeuroELT Conference (Kitakyushu International Conference Centre, Japan, July 2014).
  • About SkypeRead
    What is a read-through? And how does it help improve teamwork and communication skills?

“Europa Report” and STEM

STEM is an area where cross-border collaboration is becoming increasingly important, as this Royal Society report highlights. But there are barriers: this UK government report found that STEM graduates lacked “broader behavioural skills” such as “teamworking” and “communication”.

“Europa Report” is the story of a manned mission to search for life on Europa, one of the Galilean moons of Jupiter. called it “one of the most thrilling and realistic depictions of deep-space exploration since ‘Moon’ or ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.”

There are three elements that make “Europa Report” an ideal read-through for STEM practitioners: (i) highly realistic science and engineering, (ii) highly realistic language, and (iii) it’s a wonderful, multinational ‘team movie’.